Monday, March 29, 2010

Visual Studio 2008 Quick Start

Resource from Victor Chen blog

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 is by far one of my personal favorite Integrated Development Environments (IDE). However, it is also no secret some aspects of the IDE are overly bloated and therefore take forever to load or execute. One portion that drives me crazy is the time it takes Visual Studio 2008 to load up. By default (after a standard installation), Visual Studio 2008 opens the start page, which a screen containing recently open solutions as well as links to MSDN containing latest Microsoft programming news. I never looked at the news and instead always immediately opened a solution.

Now, I have run across a setting buried deep in the options that allows this to be changed to any one of following options:

Open Home Page
Load last loaded solution
Show Open Project dialog box
Show New Project dialog box
Show empty environment
Show Start Page
I chose “Show Open Project dialog box” which for my needs makes the most sense. Nearly 95% of my time I open Visual Studio, my aim is to add new features or fix bugs. It loads blazing fast as compared to”Open Home Page” or “Show Start Page” because no overheard is required to visit the MSDN website.

To get to the dialog box, go to Tools > Options. Once in the dialog box, you go to Environment > Startup. Simply use the Dropdown Box and select your desired startup option.

If you do make a change (or have made a change prior to reading this article), what setting do you use?

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